Customisation is not just about making things look pretty. It is also about making things more useful. This is particularly important in the field of packaging. Rowlinson Packaging, one of the leading bespoke packaging manufacturers in the UK, knows how important custom solutions can be. In fact, there are quite a few benefits of custom packaging solutions. Take a look at some of them below.

Perfect Fit

When you are transporting your goods, you will certainly want them to be properly protected from damage. One of the best ways to achieve this is to make sure the packaging fits the product. The product should be secure within the pack and should not move in an uncontrolled manner. By opting for a bespoke pack the packaging will be designed to fit the product and thus reduce the risk of damage.

In addition the amount of ‘dunnage’ used to secure the product in place can be reduced. A certain online retailer is becoming notorious for the amount of extra packaging they use because they utilise ‘standard’ packs. Reduce the amount of internal packaging and the cost is reduced.

Maximise Shipping Volumes

Bespoke packaging can also help in maximising your shipping volumes. After all, a bespoke package will be designed around the product in question. Excess unnecessary space between the products can be decreased considerably. This can decrease the overall size of the package which saves space and ultimately money.

Better Protection

Bespoke packaging will always offer better protection to your product as it has been specifically designed to suit both the product and the methods of shipment and storage. Using ‘standard’ packaging could compromise this and result in loss of reputation, customer good will and money.

Who Can Use Custom Packaging?

At Rowlinson Packaging, we believe that bespoke packaging can be beneficial to a wide variety of industries from the food and beverage industry to the automotive industry.

At Rowlinson Packaging, we provide custom packaging that is designed from scratch using the latest CAD and PDS software as well as a wealth of experience. As a result, we ensure that each pack perfectly meets your requirements.