Export Packaging

Taking the Headache out of Export Packing and Freight Forwarding.

When you are exporting goods there are a number of issues you need to consider. First and foremost, it must arrive safely and in good condition, which means that the export packing has to be fit for purpose. You will be pleased to hear that at Rowlinson Packaging, we have a long history of expertise in export packing solutions so that you can have complete and total peace of mind that your precious cargo will arrive at its destination in exactly the same condition as it leaves you.

And, you have two options

  • Packaging at your designated site by our packing crews.
  • Export Packing at either our Cheshire or Norfolk facility.

Either way you will always be given the opportunity to inspect the project before it’s sealed and exported, giving you complete peace of mind.

All the timber used for our export packing comes from sustainable sources and can be treated in accordance with ISPM 15 regulations. We also offer a comprehensive range freight forwarding services so that your product gets to its destination on time, every time.

Our experienced export packing service team will complete the design and specification of your packing to ensure that you are getting the best possible export packaging solution for the mode of transport used. It must be solid and robust enough to do the job without being ‘over engineered’ or too heavy (particularly if it is being air freighted).

Where necessary, your goods will be specialist packed, for example tropical packing, foil barrier technology and desiccant, Volatile Corrosion inhibitors, waterproof linings, hazardous packing and shrink wrapping. All of these specialist areas are covered on one site, whether it’s yours or ours.