Plywood Cases

As with our wooden crates, all our plywood cases are made to exact customer specifications which have been agreed, tested, trialled and drawn on our Solidworks® CAD system.

Plywood cases are ideal for valuable or sensitive products, or those with multiple parts in a case. They provide robust protection for lighter products – heavier products can be catered for with our timber cases. We test our cases to allow them to be efficiently stored with confidence.

We can manufacture our plywood cases with internal fittings made of materials such as foam and polystyrene to support and protect your product. Material choice is based upon customers’ requirements and preferences.

We are able to hold stock of plywood cases ready for delivery immediately as the customer requires, allowing you to free up valuable space on your site without having to wait for manufacture when you need more cases.


  • ISPM15 compliant for Global shipment.
  • Excellent stacking capabilities.
  • Complete product enclosure.
  • Printing your logo or shipping details.
  • Designed around your requirements.
  • Multi trip options.