Clip Lok

Clip-Lok is a unique solution for your packaging requirements.

The packaging is reusable with the benefit of being able to store flat for its return journey but be very simple to put together. The patented metal clips allow the boxes to be erected in minutes yet are so well engineered they can be reused hundreds of times.

Because every panel is manufactured using state of the art CNC machines they are always made in the same way meaning they will interchange. This removes the need to replace a complete box if a panel is damaged.

Boxes are manufactured to your specific requirements and can include many customisation’s from painting to internal fittings.

The boxes give your products superior protection and because they can be reused you get that superior protection every time you use them.

Under normal reuse conditions we expect an attrition rate of only 1% which means you could expect to get 100 trips per container. Compared to other forms of packaging this could represent significant savings for your business.