The UK Largest Manufacturer & Supplier Of Bespoke Wooden Crates

Based out of Nantwich and Thetford, Rowlinson Packaging is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke wooden storage crates. Our customers, being some of the largest exporters in the UK, require large orders combined with excellent service, something our team has proven to provide consistently.

Using our Solidworks® CAD software to design each individual bespoke wooden storage crate, they are manufactured to the exact specifications that each customer requests for their unique storage or transport needs.

Why You Should Choose Our Bespoke Wooden Crates

Being completely unique, each individual wooden transport crate is quality tested to ensure they are robust with excellent strength capabilities guaranteeing they will meet all your transport and storage requirements. Each wooden storage crate is also compliant with ISPM15, the industry standard, meaning that all wooden pallets or wooden crates are heat-treated prior to use, ensuring all pests, diseases, and contaminants are removed.

Traditionally when it comes to shipping and transporting lighter products, plywood cases are the first choice being a more economic option also made to a bespoke standard. However, for any heavier products you may be transporting, our wooden transport crates are perfect, being able to effectively withstand a much heavier load in a safe and secure manner.

As our timber is sustainably sourced, we are doing all we can to ensure we’re not damaging the planet through the harvesting of timber or throughout our manufacturing process. A process that is constantly managed to observe if any changes can be made to make our wooden storage crate manufacturing not only more efficient but also more cost-effective for our customers.

Available For Collection Or Delivery Around The UK Now

Our bespoke wooden transport crates are manufactured in our two facilities in Nantwich and Thetford to our customer’s exact specifications before being quality certified and delivered all over the UK.

To learn more about our bespoke wooden storage crates you can contact our Nantwich team on 01829 260 571 or our Thetford team on 01842 753 262. You can even get in touch through our contact form right here or email