Wooden Pallets

We manufacture our wooden pallets on a high speed CAPE line. Huge stock holding area allows you to hold minimal stock.

Since Rowlinson Packaging first started trading in 1966, Pallets have been a core element to our product offering. We are one of the region’s largest pallet manufacturers supplying standard 4-way entry 1200 x 1000mm and 1200 x 800mm pallets as well as bespoke pallets and skids made to any design and any size. As pallet sales have grown we have invested in new machinery to produce wooden pallets.

To meet customer requirements of quality and service we have invested in high speed manufacturing machinery which not only enables us to offer competitive prices but when allied to our stock holding, it gives us the capacity to guarantee deliveries to our customers.

To further improve our offer we use Pallet Design System (PDS) software which will analyse any product, weight and stacking configuration that is loaded onto a pallet to identify the correct specification to manufacture the wooden pallet. This analysis can either be used to reduce the pallet specification and therefore the price or to identify the ‘weakest’ component in the pallet so that together we can design out any failure in use issues. This may involve re-configuring the timber or altering the structural design.

To further underpin our efficiency, quality, reliability and value of our pallet sales we have invested over £400,000 in the most modern wood waste chipper and wood burning boiler which feeds our ISPM15/Kiln drying Chambers and also heats part of our factory. This enables us to offer ISPM15 and Kiln drying treatment at very competitive rates and reflecting these savings in the cost of our timber pallets.

Customers who buy our pallets from us can take advantage of our returning vehicles to dispose of their wooden packaging. If you are in the market to buy pallets give us a call to see how this service works.

We Offer Sustainable Pallet Solutions

  • New pallet design and manufacture using our PDS design software so we meet your specific requirements.
  • Heat treated and kiln dried pallets to ISPM15 requirement.
  • Space to stock hold finished pallets ready for immediate delivery.
  • Home Grown or Imported Timber held in stock ready for production.
  • FSC® certified wood.
  • Delivery OTIF KPI of +98% every year for the last 10 years.
  • Waste wooden product converted to energy.