Wirebound Containers

Wirebound containers are unique to Rowlinson Packaging in the UK and were first developed in the United States for the automotive industry. Wirebound containers are very popular with both the British and American armed forced because they are very robust, light and cost effective.

By using a wire we have developed a range of solutions that reduce the thickness of the timber or plywood sheathing thus saving both weight and cost. The wire offers so much additional strength that the panel material can be reduced accordingly. Wirebound containers can be supplied as timber ‘crates’ or plywood cases and can even use internal corrugated cartons as well as internal blocking and bracing to secure the contents.

The unique design allows the container to be supplied completely flat vastly reducing storage space. They can be fully assembled by one person and can even be part assembled leaving an ‘access door’ for easier loading. The unique pallet base locks the panels in place during assembly allowing for very quick easy one person construction. The containers have great stacking strength and are used by the British Ministry of Defence amongst others.

Due to their unique construction we have found them to be very cost effective when compared to traditional cases or crates and against similarly robust corrugated solutions. The added benefit of flat supply means they can offer a solution not provided by any other type of packaging.

Each container is a bespoke design based on the weight and type of product it is used to carry and is most suited to medium to high volume applications. As the containers are manufactured on an automatic assembly line we can guarantee a consistency not normally associated with some forms of timber/ply packaging.

Wirebound cases have used for vehicle body panels, telecom dishes, ammunition and engine parts amongst many other application.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for this unique form of packaging.