Export packing and freight forwarding can be an arduous task. Luckily, at Rowlinson Packaging, one of the finest suppliers of export packaging in the UK, we make the process as headache-free as possible.

While exporting goods, there are many factors one must take into consideration. Perhaps most importantly, the goods must arrive in the same condition they were shipped in. Thus, the export packaging they arrive in has to be of the unbeatable quality.

Rowlinson Packaging has a long history of expertise in export packaging solutions. Our history ensures that all cargo arrives at its destination in an untouched condition, each and every time. At Rowlinson Packaging, we will also ensure that you pay the best possible price for what you order – no more, and no less.

A Reputation Based On Dedication

We have two sites, over which we have employed a little more than 200 hard-working, dedicated men. Both of our operation sites cater to some of the biggest names in manufacturing exporters in the UK and Europe.

Why do they choose us?

Because many of our primary customers come from recommendations given by our current ones. Our high reputation stems from our top-notch service levels and the simple fact that what you get is what you pay for. At Rowlinson Packaging, our motto is “to always deliver exactly what the customer needs when they need it”—and we make sure we stick to it.

That’s why when it comes to export packaging, customers turn to Rowlinson. Our labour force makes sure that what you get is what you paid for.

Take Your Pick

Packaging for export is our forte. Each of our cases, cartons, and boxes are made especially keeping your produce in mind. Our Solidworks® CAD system allows us to import the product virtually anywhere, after which we test the products. We make certain that all our packaging surpasses certain parameters, whether it be strength, breathability, or sturdiness. After all elements are tweaked to perfection, we ship them out to you.

Other than our traditionally slatted timber crates, we also offer wirebound cases, which is unique to Rowlinson. Since they fold flat, they’re not only easy to store, but light, which ensures no damage during air travel. Thus, for our customers that require a higher volume, our wirebound cases are a great way to reduce costs and packing time while still retaining the functionality and strength present. When it comes to export packaging, Rowlinson does it best. Place your order today for quality packaging at competitive rates.