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Solar powered fridge - packed and delivered
Helping to improve peoples lives

The product we pack that has the greatest impact on improving people’s lives is the Solar Powered Fridge. These units as the name suggests are fridges powered only by solar power. The destination is worldwide many through charities and NGA’s. The end users of the fridges are doctors in remote locations often in disaster relief zones who store vital medicines and drugs in them.

On the packing and packaging front there are varied items shipped in one case from the very fragile solar panel to the very heavy, the battery needed to store the power and also the ancillaries needed to make the whole system work. Our Thetford operation collects the parts from the main contractor plus their suppliers and stock hold them ready for dispatch. When orders come through we pack the kits into strong timber and plywood packs and arrange collection. The packing is vital as the method of transport can vary a great deal…