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After Market semi-reusable packaging

A global leader in earth moving equipment so been supplied by us for many years now. The service level is critical as they operate in the after-market where their service levels are critical to their customers. Service parts have to be dispatched within 48 hours of the order being received and destinations can be anywhere around the world. As with many of our accounts we deliver into the customer several times a week with fully mixed loads of only packaging that the customer will use in the next day or two. All products are held in our warehouses ready for call-off; we can’t afford to not have the stock to support this type of customer.

To service this requirement working in partnership we have developed a range of standard cases that semi-reusable. To this customer semi-reusable cases are cases that are used on average seven times and then shipped deep sea to destinations where it is uneconomical to return packaging. After being used eight times the cost per trip is around £3 – that includes pallet sleeve and lid. No other solution can compete with this level of ROI in a non-closed logistics system.