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Mobile Phone Antenna

Products being shipped globally come in many different sizes, weights and volumes. One of the many interesting products we pack is mobile phone antennas. These are the dishes you see up towers that make up the mobile phone networks.

A telecommunications manufacturer that ships its products worldwide to the likes of Ericsson and Nokia asked us to review the packaging they used. They gave us a simple design brief to reduce the packaging cost, we went much further than that.

As the volumes required were high, the Wirebound Container™ was a natural place to begin. From there we looked at the allowed contact points - most of the surfaces were ‘No contact areas’. This in effect gave us our starting point to design a brand new innovative solution.

By designing a solution that reduced the weight and volume, the process itself was also streamlined resulting in not just the two original objectives being met, but four major key benefits plus a further two benefits that freed up their staff for other tasks.

Design study results were:

  • 9% cheaper than the old pack
  • 4 x faster to assemble compared to the old design.
  • 5% smaller than the old packaging.
  • 41% lighter than the old packaging – important as they airfreight some product
  • We never got to find out what the savings were as they were so high. The real result was that this design was a game changer in the industry. So much so that today we supply the three largest competitors in mainland Europe with this pack.