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Environmental Policy Statement

The Directors of Rowlinson Packaging Ltd recognise their responsibility to the environment and publish this policy to show their commitment to its protection both locally and globally including all persons working on behalf of the organisation.

It is the policy of Rowlinson Packaging Ltd to provide its customers with a high quality product manufactured to the specified standards of quality and performance as laid down in our Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9000 : 2000.

We are designers, developers, manufacturers of timber packing cases, pallets, timber components, corrugated cases which incorporates sourcing throughout the U.K. and the importation of timber and also the facilitators of packing and storage activities.

We will complete our company objectives in an environmentally responsible manner and in this respect, in its planning stages, we have established an Environmental Aspects Register and Procedure to take consideration of all areas of services and activities that may impact on the environment.  

We have recognised that through our operations and the activities of our suppliers that we inevitably impact on the environment.

Through regular environmental reviews and audits we have highlighted the use of raw materials, contractor chemical treatment, energy use and the production and disposal of waste, including end disposal of product, as the main aspects of our activities.

We will routinely assess these significant aspects and set targets to ensure continual improvement of our environmental performance using ISO 14001 : Environmental Management Systems 2004 as a framework and we will review our performance in meeting these targets on a scheduled basis.

The company will ensure that proper managerial and administrative controls will operate in order to enable this policy to be maintained and we will seek to incorporate the use of processes, practices, materials or products that are compatible with our commitment to prevention of pollution.

Rowlinson Packaging Ltd has a commitment to comply with all applicable legal requirements, regulations and any other requirements of industry best practice.

Through the Environmental Management System we will assess new requirements and where appropriate implement the necessary controls to achieve compliance.

It is the policy of the company to ensure that all personnel involved in the company’s operations have appropriate training and that each individual concerned understands the environmental aspects, impact and pollution control instructions of their job function.

It is the responsibility of all employees to support and apply those sections of the company Environmental Management System, which relates to their activities within the organisation.

This policy embraces relationships with our suppliers with whom we will promote improved environmental performance through communication of our policy and objectives.

The policy will also be communicated to our customers and is available to the public when requested.
Mr. A King 
Managing Director
Rowlinson Packaging Ltd